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About Me

Who am I?

I'm Tracey and I am a mobile dog groomer based in Delph and covering Saddleworth, Oldham, Royton, Shaw and other surrounding areas. 

I have been clipping horses and my own dogs for many years, but recently decided to get some official qualifications in dog grooming so that I could then start to groom dogs as a business.

I am passionate about animals and as well as making your pet look good their welfare and happiness is essential.  

I offer a mobile grooming service, I can come to your home with my fully equipped mobile salon.  I have water on board, all that I need is somewhere to park and be able to plug in to an electric supply.

Because I am mobile I can be flexible to suit you, coming to your house (or place of work) at a time convenient for you.

Why Use a Mobile Service?

I can be flexible on time.

If your dog is muddy you don't have to put them in your car.

Your dog will be in a familiar area and I can take some time to get to know your pet in an environment they are happy in which is ideal for nervous dogs.

I offer a 1-1 service

No waiting in a crate for your dog

Ideal for dogs who are not sociable with other dogs

Ideal for dogs who do not like to travel

What Can I offer?

From just a bath to a full grooming experience.

Do you have a larger dog who doesn't need to be clipped but who you struggle to bath at home? I can help with that.  My bath and grooming table will accommodate larger dogs.

I can also offer a de-shedding service so less hair for you to clean up at the times when your dog is moulting.

I can offer hand stripping.

Puppy service - it's important that your new puppy has the best experience possible, I can work with you to tailor make a plan to suit them, from first bath to first full groom.


Prices start from £20 depending on service required, type and coat of dog and behaviour of dog.


Schedule An Appointment or Discuss Your Grooming Needs

Either email at 


phone on 07714 292859

to book an appointment. 

You can also find me on Facebook - Traceys K9 Cuts

Look foward to hearing from you. 

Traceys K9 Cuts

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